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Voltar Alpha

Health: 1250 (2200)
Movement Speed: 8.12
Attack Type: Short Range
Role: Support
Mobility: Tactical
Voltar the Omniscient [edit] Difficulty: Hard

Development Name: Summoner

Type of abilities: Healing, Knockback, Area of Effect Release Date: May 1st, 2012

UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone3

Suicide Drones [edit]
Fire drones that get summoned by Voltar.
Summon Cooldown 4s
Amount 3
Damage 20 (31.4)
Attack Speed 90
Explosion Damage 150 (235.5)
Cooldown 0.6s

UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack New

Techno Synaptic Wave [edit]
Voltar can shoot healing blasts at his allies. The longer the distance, the more the blast heals. Additionally these blasts deal damage to enemies.
Heal 20 (31.4)
Max heal 30 (47.1)
Damage 40 (62.8)
Attack Speed 171.4
Range 8.4

UI Skillbutton Summoner Healtotem

Healbot [edit]
Thinking is quite hard and exhausting. Voltar can construct a hightech healbot at his current location to assist him heal his allies, and to make life a little bit more easy.
Heal 330 (580.8)
Cooldown 13s
Charge Time 1.7s
Health 250 (440)

UI Skillbutton Summoner Jump

Hover [edit]
Voltar added some thrusters to his braintank, to allow him to hover above the ground and slow-fall while in midair.
Jump Height 7.4
Descending Speed 1
Jumps 1 (Hover)
Max Hover Duration 5s
UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone3 Upgrade Voltar Drone army Upgrade Voltar Force fields Upgrade Voltar Weapon clip-on Upgrade Voltar Hyper drive Upgrade Voltar Weaponised hull Upgrade Voltar Warpgate overdrive
UI Skillbutton Summoner Healtotem Upgrade Voltar Energy drink Upgrade Voltar Overheal potion Upgrade Voltar Turret add-on Upgrade Voltar Hydraulic sugar dispenser Upgrade Voltar Cortex tank Shop Icons Summoner Bombshell
UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack New Upgrade Voltar Happy Thoughts Upgrade Voltar Psychokinetic repulsion Upgrade Voltar Psychothrust Shop Icons Summoner Chilli Flavoured Eye Drops Upgrade Voltar Twisted nightmares Upgrade Voltar Euphoric Thoughts
UI Skillbutton Summoner Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Space air max Shop Icons Overall Barrier Upgrade Piggy bank Shop Icons Overall ccReduction

Back Story

Voltar's past is shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it he once was a researcher at a star-encapsulating power station. The station made intergalactic headlines when it exploded around 500 years ago, sending off all kinds of strange, unseen radiation into space. In this explosion, the Al core of the Zero's was destroyed, bringing an abrupt end to the First Al War. Although peace was maintained for some centuries, the war eventually returned. Some think that war was just too profitable, and suspect that weapon manufacturers had a hand in the construction of a new Al core for the Zero's.

The explosion at the power station destroyed almost every part of Voltar's body, leaving only his brilliant brain intact. This brain was carefully placed inside a Braintank by salvagers. Through the years, and with help of his loyal robot drones, he made some nifty modifications to his braintank that enabled him to participate in the newly erupted Robot Wars.

No-one knows Voltar's true motives for participating in the war as a mercenary, but what can be assured is that he’s a mastermind with unmatched psychotechnic powers and an arsenal of armed robots that do his every bidding.


Voice actor: Olivier Thijssen


▶️"If it bleeds, we can kill it!" - Reference to the movie Predator[1].

▶️"Hah! I build droids smarter than you!"

▶️"Death to squishy things!"

▶️"Resistance ist futile!" - Reference to the Borg[2] alien race from Star Trek[3].

▶️"You are no match... for my intellect."

▶️"Tactical advantage ist mein!"

▶️"I kill you... with my brain!"


▶️"Mein leben!" - Reference to the Wolfenstein 3D[4] SS Soldier quote upon death.

▶️"I require more brawn!"

▶️"I require reinforcements!"

▶️"Ein hand please!"

▶️"Ein hand please! Eheheh!"











▶️"I'll be back!" - Reference to Terminator[5].

▶️"Don't do anything stupid without me!"

▶️"I require more technology!"

▶️"My brain wanders..."


▶️"Insert slot A into slot B, ah sehr interessant!"

▶️"I shall remake myself, I have the technology!" - A reference to Six Million Dollar Man[6].


▶️"I am the brain of the operation."

▶️"Techno-synaptic wave modulator at optimum frequence."

▶️"Resistance ist futile!"

Drop Pod In

▶️"Owner of a lonely brain..." - A reference to Owner of a Lonely Heart[7] by Yes[8].

▶️"I am the brain of the operation."

▶️"Techno-synaptic wave modulator at optimum frequence."

▶️"Gentlemen! Let us commence assault."

Killing Blow

▶️"Your existence was irrelative!"

▶️"Look! No hands!"

▶️"Mind over matter!"

▶️"All according to plan."

Killing Spree

▶️"My brain outnumbers you all!"

▶️"My mind is mightier than your blaster, HAHA!"


On Hit










On Death

▶️"Ugh! Arghhhhh"


▶️"Was?! Ahhhhhh!"

▶️" Aaaaargh! Das ende..."

Nauts In-Game Look



Default skin.

Base Voltar Skin

Default skin.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Disco Voltar.

Disco Voltar Skin

Disco Voltar.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Necro Voltar.

Necromancer Skin

Necro Voltar.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Voltar Bonaparte.


Voltar Bonaparte.

Minimap Icon

Ui minimap player summoner 0

Scoreboard Icon

Classicon Summoner

Skin Information

Disco Voltar

CharacterRender Summoner Skin Disco redBG

Burn baby burn! Love is in the air as Disco Voltar is here with a funky groove. He won't stop 'till he gets enough, and this daddy cool will make sure everyone is stayin' alive. Lose that brainjar and party like it's 2399 with Disco Voltar! Boogie on! Includes funky healbot music! - Official Steam Store Description.

This skin gives Voltar a disco suit with a music note necklace and replaces his braintank with a disco ball.

His drones are also replaced with (smaller) disco balls and shoot rainbow-colored lasers while both techno synaptic wave and healbot's aura get green musical note effects. Although the healbot itself is unchanged, it plays a disco tune while it is active.

Necro Voltar

CharacterRender Summoner Skin Necro redBG

Make Voltar channel the powers of the ancient Aztecs with this awesome Necro Voltar skin! If you own the Steam version of Swords & Soldiers, Ronimo's Award-winning debut side-scrolling strategy game, you will recieve the Necro Voltar skin in Awesomenauts for FREE!

This skin adds golden details such as a skull emblem and shoulderpads to Voltar's robe and replaces his braintank with a golden three-eyed aztec mask. His drones' eyes are replaced with golden skulls and there are green glyph effects on both techno synaptic wave and healbot. Healbot also has a different look, being shaped like a Swords and Soldiers' Aztec statue.

Voltar Bonaparte

Characterrender voltar bonaparte

"La mort de Napoléon a toujours été entourée de mystère. Certains disent qu'il fut empoisonné, d'autres pensent que son corps n'a pas tenu le coup et quelques-uns soupçonnent même qu'il se soit échappé de sa prison de Sainte-Hélène. Quelle que soit l'explication réelle, un fait reste avéré : il a disparu de l'Histoire en 1821 et plus personne n'entendit parler de lui.

En 3521, nous avons enfin découvert la vérité sur ces faits. Une vérité que personne n'aurait pu imaginer.

Il avait la technologie.

Il s'est reconstruit."

This DLC contains a custom skin for Voltar in Awesomenauts, and will automatically unlock the character if you have not already done so. - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Voltar the millitary outfit and iconic bicorne hat (with a white plume) used by Napoleon Bonaparte. He also has a saber in a sheath and a medal in his chest. His drones wear french infantry hats and have moustaches, techno synaptic wave is a fleur-de-lis and leaves a trail of additional fleurs-de-lis and croissants, the satellite dish animation used in healbot's summon is replaced by a fork and croissant, while healbot itself has wooden wheels and Napoleon's bicorne hat and its "timer" aura is replaced by a trio of fleurs-de-lis. When summoned, healbot plays a few seconds of "La Marseillaise", France's national anthem.

Awesomenaut Showcase


  • Voltar is one of the "original six" Awesomenauts that came with the game when it first launched, along with Clunk, Froggy G, Leon, Lonestar, and Yuri.
  • According to his backstory, Voltar is over 500 years old.
  • Given the "saturday morning 80s cartoon" theme Awesomenauts has, it is likely that Voltar is based on Krang[9] from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[10] franchise, who is also a disembodied brain.
  • Voltar was directly responsible for Ted McPain's resurrection.
  • Voltar was the first (and only, to date) Awesomenaut to be extensively reworked, gameplay-wise.
  • In the shortened backstory previously used in-game, the "star-encapsulating station" mentioned in Voltar's backstory is named AI Station 101.
  • As part of his rework in Patch 2.10, Voltar's Healing Wave was renamed Techno Synaptic Wave. This makes Voltar the only character to have a skill completely renamed.



Playing As:

  • Voltar has a weak early game and a very powerful late game. Play defensively and focus on farming at the start.
  • You may activate Voltar's Hover as many times as you'd like as long as you are still up in the air. Alternate between hovering and falling to confuse enemies trying to hit you.
  • Consider purchasing Space Air Max to compensate for Voltar's poor mobility.
  • Try to stay around your teammates, as Voltar is very team dependant.
  • Techno Synaptic Wave's healing effect becomes more powerful when hitting allies that are further away from you.
  • When trying to attack enemies with Techno Synaptic Wave, try hovering in the air so your allies don't accidentally block your shots.
  • A glowing green aura effect can be seen around Voltar when Chilli Flavoured Eye Drops is ready to fire.
  • Firing a Suicide Drone at your enemy may cause some burst, but will also reduce your overall DPS. Consider both options before doing so.
  • Protect your Healbot: It's on a large cooldown and it can be destroyed quite easily before it can heal you and your teammates. Energy Drink and Cortex Tank are examples of upgrades that can help you with this.
  • Be careful with Cortex Tank, as they may push your enemies out of harm's way, denying your team a kill.
  • You might want to avoid pairing Turret Add-on with Cortex Tank, as the knockback will keep your enemies out of the healbot's damaging zone.

Playing With:

  • The healing effect of Voltar's Techno Synaptic Wave gets stronger as it travels. Move away from Voltar to get more powerful healing blasts.
  • You must be close to healbot when it is done charging up or you will not be healed by it.
  • Protecting Voltar at all costs, especially if he invests into more healing power can greatly pay off and make your team hard to stop.

Playing Against:

  • Separating Voltar from the rest of his team can greatly aid in bringing him down.
  • Voltar's one of the tallest Awesomenauts of the cast, making bodyblocking him to limit his movements an easier task. This is specially true on Aiguillon's tight corridors.
  • Most of Voltar's upgrades are rather expensive. Putting pressure on him early on to kill him or force a retreat may delay his powerful late game.
  • Save your powerful abilities to destroy Voltar's healbot as soon as it's deployed, denying the heal to the enemy team. Abilities that can't be blocked by his teammates such as Airstrike, Energy Pulse or Ball Lightning are particularly good for this.
  • Voltar won't be able to defend himself as effectively if he just shot his Suicide Drones. Consider attacking him, but be mindful of his teammates and Healbot.