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This build, rather than emphasizing the offensive capabilities of Voltar, utilizes his innate ability to make WAY too much money. If you have a reliable tank on your team, use this Voltar build. Healing Skølldir, it's not inconcievable to get to level 40+ in a single game. This is also a rather low-level build, as you need only the Voltar items unlocked, late game, this healset morphs to an amazing battle set, as you'll have every upgrade in the shop unlocked if the game keeps up for any length of time.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Drones- Drone Army, Dark Matter Shots, Weapon Clip-On

Heal-Bot- Energy Drink, Turret Add-on, Hydraulic Sugar Dispenser

Healing Wave- Happy Thoughts, Psychothrust, Dreams of Greed

Voltar- Space Air Max, Solar Tree, Piggy Bank.

Purchase Order[ | ]

1st: Piggy Bank, DREAMS OF GREED, Solar Tree.

2nd: Drone Army, Heal-Bot

3rd: Adapt to the situation, you have the money. I recommend Turret, Hydraulic Sugar, and Dark Matter Shots, or Psychothrust to keep statuses stacked.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

All you need to do for this build is point your reticule forwards and click on anyone who needs HP. You gain on average about 2 Solar a heal burst, and provided you have someone on your team who can take damage, then you easily have a massive amount of Solar waiting for you to spend however you see fit to continue the battle.

-- 03:48, November 21, 2012 (UTC)