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Bubbas Perfect Push Support Voltar

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Suicide Drones: Drone Army, Dark Matter Shots, and Weaponised Hull.

Healing Wave: Happy Thoughts, Dreams of Greed, and Phychothrust or Eurphoric Thoughts.

Heal Bot: OverHeal Potion, Turret Add-on, and Hydraulic Sugar Dispenser.

For the Last get Power Pills Turbo, Solar Tree, and Space Air Max or Solar Krab Burgers.

Purchase Order[ | ]

Always go Dreams of Greed and Solar Tree first as gaining solar fast is what you need to turn the tide on your enemies. Then I like to take Heal Bot. From here it depends on what your team needs by this point you should be able to figure out if the other team is mass damage or a push team, and also what your team is. If your team is taking a ton of damage early chances are its gonna get worse fast so focus on those healing upgrades, but grab some bots or turret add-on as well to help your team deal damage. If your team is fast scattered damage take Phychothrust over Eurphoric Thoughts as healing will be easy as they move away fast, in pickup groups I always take Eurphoric Thoughts. If you are getting melee rushed take Drones and Dark Matter Shots early to stop those leon ganks. If the other team is a push group go for Drone Army, Weaponised Hull, and Turret Add-on early for that much needed extra damage. Space Air Max and Solar Krab Burger depends on your play style and weather you have trouble getting away from enemies. I prefer Krab Burger because you gain a ton of solar fast and it heals you as you heal teammates. Take Power Pills Turbo, and/or Krab burgers when you have some healing and damage, but just need that little extra hp and healing for yourself. Just try to keep a balance of healing and damage and go more one way or the other as the situation needs it. The first 15-20 levels is crucial on how you build your Voltar for two reasons one keep your team alive and theirs dead and two from lvl 24 on you should own teams as long as you have not fallen behind.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Heal! Heal! Heal! gain that solar way faster than the other players don't die and try to get those killing blows by blowing up your 4 drones in an enemies face once your team has weaken'd them. When playing Voltar right you should be a higher lvl than everyone at all times from just healing alone. Drop your heal bot as much as possible and in a good spot to hit enemies and teammates. Wait for good moments to explode your drones like when Leon or Skolldir put an enemy on your turret you will allow them to get the kill or you will get the killing blow. Getting Hydraulic Sugar Dispenser early is a good move as you can keep your heal bot down to help with heals and damage, also I like to heal my heal bot and use it to hold off drones and tank turrets when needed. Remember against some teams Voltar may seem like a weak healer but you have to remember that little bit of extra health could be the deciding factor on wiping their team or your team getting wiped. All in all hold back and when the other team is wiped push hard and strong as this is what this class excels at, I have won games with no turrets left and just one strong push killing all enemy turrets and their base before they re-spawn (with the help of AWESOME teammates of course). Heal teammates when needed and bots, you can do just fine taking one lane by yourself while healing bots to take the damage for you. To many people try to go full damage or full heal when they play Voltar, and with this build you can just sit back and laugh as the enemy teams base bursts into flames.

--Ibubbas (talk) 03:11, 14 June 2014 (UTC)