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UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone3

Suicide Drones [edit]
Fire drones that get summoned by Voltar.
Summon Cooldown 4s
Amount 3
Damage 20 (31.4)
Attack Speed 90
Explosion Damage 150 (235.5)
Cooldown 0.6s

UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack New

Techno Synaptic Wave [edit]
Voltar can shoot healing blasts at his allies. The longer the distance, the more the blast heals. Additionally these blasts deal damage to enemies.
Heal 20 (31.4)
Max heal 30 (47.1)
Damage 40 (62.8)
Attack Speed 171.4
Range 8.4

UI Skillbutton Summoner Healtotem

Healbot [edit]
Thinking is quite hard and exhausting. Voltar can construct a hightech healbot at his current location to assist him heal his allies, and to make life a little bit more easy.
Heal 330 (580.8)
Cooldown 13s
Charge Time 1.7s
Health 250 (440)

UI Skillbutton Summoner Jump

Hover [edit]
Voltar added some thrusters to his braintank, to allow him to hover above the ground and slow-fall while in midair.
Jump Height 7.4
Descending Speed 1
Jumps 1 (Hover)
Max Hover Duration 5s