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Playing As:[ | ]

  • Voltar has a weak early game and a very powerful late game. Play defensively and focus on farming at the start.
  • You may activate Voltar's Hover as many times as you'd like as long as you are still up in the air. Alternate between hovering and falling to confuse enemies trying to hit you.
  • Consider purchasing Space Air Max to compensate for Voltar's poor mobility.
  • Try to stay around your teammates, as Voltar is very team dependant.
  • Techno Synaptic Wave's healing effect becomes more powerful when hitting allies that are further away from you.
  • When trying to attack enemies with Techno Synaptic Wave, try hovering in the air so your allies don't accidentally block your shots.
  • A glowing green aura effect can be seen around Voltar when Chilli Flavoured Eye Drops is ready to fire.
  • Firing a Suicide Drone at your enemy may cause some burst, but will also reduce your overall DPS. Consider both options before doing so.
  • Protect your Healbot: It's on a large cooldown and it can be destroyed quite easily before it can heal you and your teammates. Energy Drink and Cortex Tank are examples of upgrades that can help you with this.
  • Be careful with Cortex Tank, as they may push your enemies out of harm's way, denying your team a kill.
  • You might want to avoid pairing Turret Add-on with Cortex Tank, as the knockback will keep your enemies out of the healbot's damaging zone.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • The healing effect of Voltar's Techno Synaptic Wave gets stronger as it travels. Move away from Voltar to get more powerful healing blasts.
  • You must be close to healbot when it is done charging up or you will not be healed by it.
  • Protecting Voltar at all costs, especially if he invests into more healing power can greatly pay off and make your team hard to stop.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Separating Voltar from the rest of his team can greatly aid in bringing him down.
  • Voltar's one of the tallest Awesomenauts of the cast, making bodyblocking him to limit his movements an easier task. This is specially true on Aiguillon's tight corridors.
  • Most of Voltar's upgrades are rather expensive. Putting pressure on him early on to kill him or force a retreat may delay his powerful late game.
  • Save your powerful abilities to destroy Voltar's healbot as soon as it's deployed, denying the heal to the enemy team. Abilities that can't be blocked by his teammates such as Airstrike, Energy Pulse or Ball Lightning are particularly good for this.
  • Voltar won't be able to defend himself as effectively if he just shot his Suicide Drones. Consider attacking him, but be mindful of his teammates and Healbot.