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Kills any character that comes in contact with the object.

Field Description Possible values Type
collisionSize The size of worm Size ([ width ] [ height ])
buttonID The name of the button you want the worm to be enabled by. If this field is left empty the worm will always be activated Text
miniMapTexture Enter the name of a texture and it will appear at the center of the worm object on the mini map with a green tint Text
wormDamageDelay Amount of time before the damage will be applied Number

Additional notes[ | ]

  • The size of the worm will not effect the size of the texture displayed on the minimap
  • If you want the worm Animation you will have to create it manually
  • The worm cannot interact with non-players and non-creeps, so it won't kill things like turrets
  • Invincible characters will still be killed by the worm
  • When picking a texture for the worm on the map you'll have to type in the name manually