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Voiced by: Anthony "Antfish" Sardinha

This announcer can be purchased at the Steam Store.

Official Steam Store Description[ | ]

What do you do when you're an immortal warrior, doomed to pursue your own unending thirst for vengeance? That's right! You get a hobby!

Tremble, mortals! For Wraitlord Scoop has picked up the mic and is taking to the airwaves to comment on thine matches! He's not the most cheerful fellow of the bunch, but none of the other Awesomenauts have had the nerve to tell him that.

The Wraithlord Scoop Announcer can be activated from the character select menu or the in-game menu. Activating this Announcer will replace the default announcements made during regular gameplay with a whole new set.

Quotes[ | ]

Base and Turrets[ | ]

Attacks against an allied turret:[ | ]

▶️"Our holy monolith has come under attack!"

▶️"The instruments of our savior are under scrutiny!"

Allied turret low on health:[ | ]

▶️"The unworthy have almost torn down our pillar of faith!"

▶️"Rush to defend our most blessed monolith!"

Allied turret lost:[ | ]

▶️"KETHKAR'S pillar will spread it's unholy dogma no more!"

▶️"Cease your rejoicing! Our monolith is broken in twain!"

Enemy turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"We will melt these plowshares into swords!"

▶️"Tear down these angered, golden bovines!"

Allies around enemy Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Ransack this unsanctified temple of false gods!"

Enemies around Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Throw the unworthy from our temple floors!"

▶️"Disciples of the false god at our doorstep!"

Solar Drill being attacked:[ | ]

▶️"The enemy has invaded our holiest of holies!"

▶️"KETHKAR's shrine is under attack!"

Solar Drill at 1/3 health and below:[ | ]

▶️"Rally to the temple before it is lost!"

Connection[ | ]

Player connects:[ | ]

▶️"Another soul has entered this arena!"

▶️"I feel a new presence in our midst!"

Player disconnects:[ | ]

▶️"What is this hollowed feeling?"

▶️"Another soul whisked away into the void!"

Kills and Deaths[ | ]

Player kill:[ | ]

▶️"A worthy sacrifice!"

▶️"Vengeance strikes!"

Player death:[ | ]

▶️"You have fallen, but his magnificence rises you up once more!"

▶️"Faith is the surest antidote to dying!"

▶️"Death is the merest inconvenience to KETHKAR!"

First 'naut killed by another 'naut:[ | ]

▶️"The first drop has been spilled in KETHKAR's name!"

▶️"The bloodletting has begun!"

▶️"Bring this virgin kill to the altar!"

Teammate killed:[ | ]

▶️"One of our brethen has fallen!"

Enemy death:[ | ]

▶️"KETHKAR sends his regards!"

All 'nauts in the same team are dead at the same time:[ | ]

▶️"Our zealot horde has silenced the enemy!"

▶️"No one stands in our glorious way now!"

▶️"Where are your false deities now, unworthy ones?! GYAHAHA!"

'naut killstreak #1:[ | ]

▶️"Slay all the unworthy, and never stop slaying!"

▶️"They deserve extinction by KETHKAR!"

▶️"Another, and another! Death! Death!"

▶️"Do not hesitate to kill, you are on the path of virtue and justice!"

'naut killstreak #2:[ | ]

▶️"Gaze upon the fervor of this zealot of ours!"

▶️"The bloodlust of our disciples is unmatched in this universe!"

'naut killstreak #3:[ | ]

▶️"Surely, your deeds ring through to the very void!"

▶️"A place for you is reserved at KETHKAR's side!"

▶️"Our lord god smiles upon your radiant visage, my child."

Blue team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Blue team is showing the greatest faith today!"

▶️"Hegemony is feeling rather blue today!"

Red team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Red team is showing the greatest faith today!"

▶️"Hegemony is feeling rather red today!"

Team killing spree #2:[ | ]

▶️"Praise unto you, zealot!"

Player kills 2 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Turn around, step on another apostate!"

▶️"None shall escape the wrath of our god!"

▶️"Twice the kill, twice the glory!"

Player kills 3 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Vengeance strikes once more!"

▶️"The heretics fall like insects before the avatars of vengeance!"

Enemy killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"The unworthy are slaughtering our brethren! Avenge them!"

'Naut killed by turret, creeps or droids:[ | ]

▶️"KETHKAR shakes his head in shame today..."

▶️"Our faith is being tested."

▶️"You have been found lacking in KETHKAR's eyes!"

▶️"Pray harder, the harder still!"

▶️"Supplicate yourself to make right your failings!"

Match over[ | ]

Match lost:[ | ]

▶️"After all this effort, our faith was not strong enough..."

▶️"The day belongs to the unworthy masses and their 'reasonable doubts'"

▶️"It is clear the universe is not ready for KETHKAR yet... but we will rise again in time!"

Match won:[ | ]

▶️"KETHKAR erupts with jubilation, my children, our faith has won the day!"

▶️"Our victory belongs to the greatest and most mighty: to KETHKAR!"

▶️"I have the seen the consultations open up to lead us to glory! All of this was written above!"

Shop[ | ]

Insufficent Solar:[ | ]

▶️"The temple requires more coin!"

▶️"What is this measly offering?!"

▶️"Give more to KETHKAR!"

▶️"Relinquish your earthly possessions... as soon as you have them!"

Spawn/Respawn[ | ]

Waiting for the countdown.[ | ]

▶️"Clasp your hands together, my disciples! Our rise is imminent!"

▶️"By the thousands you will fall, but KETHKAR shall wash over this universe!"

▶️"Let the presence of retribution be known to the unworthy!"

▶️"KETHKAR has need of a champion! Who among you will volunteer to serve him in this matter?"

Countdown to Drop Pod launch:[ | ]

▶️"In the name of the stars, fire, vengeance and exaltation!"

Droppod Launched[ | ]

▶️"Let our glorious crusade commence!"

▶️"Trust in the might of KETHKAR!"


▶️"Be unto this land as a reaver of disbelief!"

▶️"Let your vengeance be a tonic for doubt!"

Droids about to spawn:[ | ]

▶️"Not long before KETHKAR's angels are upon us!"

▶️"The angels have almost descended from the void above!"

Droids first spawn in the match:[ | ]

▶️"KETHKAR has blessed us with reinforcements"

▶️"The angels bless us with their bountiful presence!"

Showcase[ | ]