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For this build choose Uranium Spikes, Titanium Spikes and Toaster Time to achieve TONS OF DAMAGE on your mines. For your Timewarp, either choose slowing power and both heals or duration slowing power and heal. For your laser pick lenght, attack speed and maximum damage to be able to take down towers a lot faster. And finally take piggy bank, solar tree and power pills turbo. At the start of the game take solar tree mines and damage for mines. As the game progresses max the damage and time of your mines and make sure to spam them in key choke points as much as possible. After your have maxed your mines you should either start upgrading your time warp or laser to take down turrets faster. While using this build try to stay up high and rain mines down on your enemies. This should get you many kills and keep you out of trouble. Use your timewarp to save teammates and heal them.