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This build is based on keeping your teammates healthy, strong, and most importantly, alive. Kills are not a priority at all, and your one and only focus is to help your team take towers and kill the core. Yuri is very underpicked, but if played correctly, can be a better healer than Voltar.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

The recommend loadout is as follows: Titanium Shell (Damage) - Mine Constructor (Cooldown Reduction) - Carpet Bombs (3 Mines, Split Damage) Longevity Booster (Duration) - Flash Forward (Faster Move/Attack Speed) - Pod Pack Deluxe (Heal Per Second) Instant Charge Battery (Attack Speed) - Flyswatter (Damage) - Hubble's Lens (Attack Range) Boots (Move Speed) - Solar Tree (Solar Per Minute)/Power Pills Turbo (Health) - Piggy Bank (Free Solar)

Purchase Order[ | ]

Obviously, you will pick up Piggy Bank right off the bat. I typically choose Solar Tree directly after, which allows me to get extra solar much quicker. If you believe that you will win the game within 10 minutes, such as playing with a pre-made team, go ahead and go with Power Pills Turbo over Solar Tree. After buying the tree, depending on your drop in, you may have enough to buy Time Warp and Boots. This is recommended. Mobility on Yuri is a great thing to have early game, and while your Warp may be worthless in its default state, you will be ready to upgrade to healing as soon as you get the solar. After farming enough solar, you will want to pick up Pod Pack Deluxe, which gives you your healing abilities. After more farming, you will want to max your Longevity Booster, which will give your heal a ridiculous duration. Keep in mind that your heal gives you solar, so healing droids isn't a bad idea. As soon as you have enough solar, pick up Flash Foward to finish off your Time Warp. By this time in the game, you will have likely pushed down a turret or two. For this reason, I would advise upgrading your laser over mines. Mines are meant for crowd control, which is relatively worthless at this stage of the game. However, it would not be a bad idea to pick up Mines without upgrades, which would only cost you 135 Solar, barely any for the harassment tool you have acquired. The rest of the build comes down to personal preference, as well as time remaining in game. You have met your goal - getting ridiculous heals pumped out, and keeping your team alive. Whatever else should be considered luxury upgrades.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Yuri's playstyle is unique in that you can play very aggressive, and still get out of extremely dangerous situations.
*When at low health, fly up. Even if there is nowhere to run, you can pop your heal to get some health back, or even teleport away to safety.
*Be the leader of the push. Assert yourself as a damage dealer and healer. If you have Flash Foward, there's a pretty good chance you will be able to push a turret with a single creep wave, assuming the rest of your team is pushing with you.
*Your Time Warp can slow as well. If you can get between your low health teammate and the attacking enemy, you can heal yourself, your team mate, and slow your attacker.
*Teamplay comes first. If you have the chance to save a life, or kill an enemy, save your friend's life.
*Avoid this build if you already have a healer on your team. A Yuri + Voltar tag team is as scary as it sounds.
*Harass enemies. Most enemies will bail at the first sign of damage. Use that to your advantage, as the laser's default range is quite good.