Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Jetter Mine

Mine Deploying [edit]
What’s the use of a jetpack if all it can do is fly and warp space and time? Exactly, it needs explosions!
Damage 410 (643.7)
Cooldown 4s
Time 10s
Size 2.4

UI Skillbutton Jetter Attack

Laser [edit]
Affixed on top of the jetpack is a deadly laser that is able to fire in a full circle with pinpoint precision. It is able to slice through multiple enemies and even bounce off walls to hit people around a corner!
Damage 30 (47.1)
Maximum Damage 40 (62.8)
Attack Speed 300
Range 9
Charge time 0.5
Pulls pickups towards you.

UI Skillbutton Jetter Timebubble

Time Warp [edit]
After his brain got zapped in the anomaly, Yuri managed to recreate parts of it inside his new fancy jetpack, allowing him to alter the flow of time in an area around himself.
Cooldown 15s
Duration 3.5s
Size 12.8
Slow down 30%
Speed up 10%

UI Skillbutton Jetter Jump

Jet Pack [edit]
The pride and joy of Yuri: it alters the flow of time, shoots laserbeams, drops mines, can insult enemies in over six million forms of communication and oh yeah, it can fly.
Jump Height 0 (Jet Pack)
Jumps 1 (Toggle)