Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • While the Jet Pack is active, Yuri will ignore any glass platforms, moving freely through them.
  • Some Yuri players like to conceal their Mines inside hide areas in order to surprise enemies.
  • Deploy mines in high traffic areas, jump pad paths and platforms to make it difficult for enemies to manouver around the lane. Other good locations include the Worm button on Sorona or the Creep Releaser on AI Station 205.
  • Combining Aerial Spring and Carpet Bombs allow Yuri to control entire corridors. This is specially useful in chokepoints and Aiguillon.
  • Stacking mines on top of each other is a great way of stopping droid pushes and dealing heavy damage to careless enemies, but it comes at cost, as you'll have much less area control.
  • Yuri is good when paired with Leon, considering you can stack your Mines, and have him pull enemies into a stack of them. Likewise Skølldir's throw with the right spacing. This is usually enough for a kill. If the enemy happens to survive, use your laser to aid your buddy in getting the kill.
  • Much like default Time Warp, Flash Forward affects the speed of everything inside the bubble, including Yuri's own attack speed. Consider taking it if you are running a laser build focused on damage.
  • With your team nearby, use your flight and hide areas to sneak on your enemies and get Time Warp on all of them.
  • When using Pod Pack Deluxe With Banana, take advantage of laser's innate piercing to lifesteal off of multiple targets at once.
  • Spin your Laser around to "scan" the area for invisible enemies. Giant Monocle and Baby Yeti make this tactic even more effective.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Use whatever displacement and knockback effects you have available to throw enemies on Yuri's Mines.
  • Try and stay close to Yuri if he has Regeneration Pod and/or Flash Forward so that you may benefit from these effects when he activates Time Warp.
  • Time Warp gives your team an advantage during a teamfight. Try and make the most of it.
  • While Yuri has some escape tools at his disposal, it is best to focus on protect him as best as possible, as he can be vulnerable to ganking.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • If possible, try to poke at Yuri with long range attacks early and often to force him to retreat and heal. This will harm his ability to farm Solar and by extension, his late game.
  • A common mistake made by many new players is to willingly step on mines in order to clear them for the rest of the team. It's very rarely worth it as they usually deal high damage (specially when stacked or late in the match) and Yuri can quickly and easily replace them.
  • Mines make a beeping sound. Use that to know when you are close to one. This is specially useful against mines planted inside hide areas. Keep in mind that Carpet Bombs removes this sound effect, however.
  • Keep in mind that mines deal damage in an area around them. You may still be hurt if a droid or friendly 'naut steps on them if you are too close.
  • Mobile minions such as bull and clones with Basic AI Chip can assist you in clearing mines, specially when they are stacked on top of each other. Splash Dash can also be useful due to the innate invulnerability.
  • When engaging Yuri in close combat, remember that he can lay a mine in melee range, which will immediately explode.
  • Leon's Slash attack and movement/displacement crowd control effects can turn off Yuri's Jet Pack, forcing him to reactivate it if he wishes to remain in-flight.
  • Yuri has a variety of powerful and dangerous upgrades to his Time Warp capable of turning an otherwise lost teamfight in his favor. Consider this before engaging him and his teammates.
  • Yuri cannot move and fire his laser at the same time. Keep that in mind when trying to hit him with abilities and attacks that are harder to land.
  • Yuri's Laser must stay active for a while in order to reach it's maximum damage potential. Crowd control effects interrupt this effect, however, making them particularly useful in this case.