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Upgrade Med-i'-can

Zurians are mentioned and shown in many upgrades for different Awesomenauts, and are often noted for their supernatural durability. They are known to eat metal, and are well suited to working in junkyards, as mechanics, and in other dangerous industrial jobs. It is hinted that Zurians are resistant to radiation, heat, and electricity. Zurians seem to be exploited by other people, and are considered expendable. However, it has been stated that Zurians don't mind being slaves.

Zurians are minuscule humanoid aliens with round, black, wide-set eyes. They resemble Grey Men but are distinguished by their mouths and the unique wrinkle lines commonly found their foreheads. Zurians can have grey, blue, green, purple, or tan skin. Female Zurians have curvier bodies than males and pronounced eyelashes, but are otherwise very similar. Hair also seems to be more common among females, but females can be bald and males can have hair.

Depictions[ | ]

  • Bombshell - depicts a feminine Zurian with big lips sitting on a wrecking ball.
  • Bug Detector - depicts a Zurian dressed as an explorer.
  • Fury Blowout - depicts a Zurian with long hair being blown with wind.
  • Hungry Zurian - depicts a Zurian holding a fork and knife with a bib.
  • Little Johnny - depicts a Zurian dressed as a Merry Man.
  • Med-i'-can - depicts a Zurian nurse.
  • Mobile Analytic Laboratory Zurian - depicts a Zurian driving a mobile lab.
  • Graffiti Artist - depicts a hip Zurian with moustache and a can of spray paint.
  • Personal Assistant - depicts a glamorous Zurian in a pink dress
  • Pool Boy - depicts a Zurian in trunks and floaters.
  • Royal Sword In The Cream - depicts a decapitated Zurian resting on a dessert.
  • Salt Miner - depicts an unhappy Zurian in a mine cart.
  • Tactical Vest - depicts a Zurian resting in a pocket of a vest wearing a hard hat and holding a wrench.
  • The Very Hungry Zurian - depicts a storybook with a Zurian on it.
  • Virtual Girl - depicts a female Zurian with futuristic hair.
  • Zurian Bomb Wrangler - depicts a Zurian a cowboy getup riding a bomb.
  • Zurian Mechanic - depicts a Zurian in overalls with a futuristic tool.
  • The artwork and background for the Giga Sentorii skin shows a team of Zurian heroes called the Power Strikers. The Power Strikers can also be seen standing on top of Giga Sentorii during his teleport animation.
  • A Zurian can be seen and heard in Nibbs' alternate "Battle Nibbs" skin. This Zurian has a very high pitched voice.
  • Zippy Starburst is a Zurian with long blonde hair.

Mentioned as Flavor[ | ]